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Images and Materials forming part of these Web pages created by the author(s), and or artist(s) who contribute (including members of the Campbelltown and Airds Historical Society Inc.) remain the property of those author(s) and artist(s).  Copyright for these contributions, which the author(s), and or artist(s) warrant are theirs by creation or assignment are, at their discretion used herein with permission.  Some Images and Materials appear under licenses such as the Creative Commons License. Images and Materials found in the Public Domain are used under Public Domain usage laws applicable.


Wherever possible, links to the author(s) and artist(s) are provided; these links should be followed to seek permission to use the images and or materials for any purpose other than those necessary to view these pages.


Trademarks, service marks, and trade names which may appear coincidentally remain the property of their respective owners and may not be used.


All Images and Materials retain their respective copyrights, and any other rights in force prior and subsequent to appearing in these pages. Advice of these applicable copyright notices must remain associated with the Images and Materials.  


Permission for any use must be obtained from the respective owners prior to use. 


Applications for the use of Images and Materials owned by the Campbelltown and Airds Historical Society Inc. are available on request, or click above to download one.  Modest charges may apply for specific uses, although non-commercial use is sometimes exempt from charges other than costs incurred in supplying the materials to you.  High resolution images and documents in various formats are available.


If you believe you see Images or Materials on this site that appear without copyright permission, send advise to the Web manager detailing the item(s), your claims, and their basis. Your claims will be examined at the first available opportunity and you will be advised of our response.  If we feel your claim may have merit we will withdraw the Images and or Material as soon as possible.


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