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 Agar Cottage, Airds

 Agar Cottage Painting,1828




Image of a painting made in 1828. 'Ager cottage, Airds, Campbelltown New South Wales. The residence of John Scarr sketched by himself 1828. Extract of his letter which accompanied it dated January 1828: 'This is a view of my cottage, the figures occupying the front ground are Natives. They are a very correct representation of those surrounding the neighbourhood. The man as you perceive has only a jacket on, and the attitude of walking is partly correct, what he has in his hands are spears, the female also walking, has a blanket tied round her, hanging over her shoulder, this is exactly the way they hang or tie their blankets on (when they have any). The gentleman who stands opposite to myself is making one of his politest bows, saying 'Got any coppers Master' - A female with her child you will perceive sitting under the fence. This attitude is also correct. The little house behind the black girl sitting down, is my Man's hut with a wooden chimney - My farm extends as far on one side as the four stacks of Wheat. House where my tenant lives.


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