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The cedar wood cabinet with many drawers in the society library was donated by the societies founder, Dr. Ivor G Thomas. This is how he came to own it.


Angelo Turrin was born in 1926 and moved to Kentlyn (Ruse) Campbelltown in 1947 from Cobbitty. He still lives there with his wife Kathleen and eldest daughter Maria. The beautiful cedar cabinet was purchased by Angelo from his uncle's business, Symphony Furniture in Annandale in the late 1940's, who had acquired it from a client, previous history is unknown.


In the late 1940's, Doctor Thomas visited Angelo at home as doctors did then, on seeing the cabinet he was taken with it, in Angelo's words "Didn't even look at me during the visit, just looked at the cabinet". Angelo, having known Dr Thomas for some time, and knowing of Dr Thomas's liking for cedar furniture, reluctantly accepted 16 pounds for it. Angelo told the Doctor he would arrange for Longhurst the carriers to deliver it but Dr Thomas insisted on taking it right then. As the cabinet was built in two parts, the Doctor and Angelo loaded the first part into the doctors car with some degree of difficulty, spinning the wheels Doctor Thomas drove off quickly, and just as quickly returned for the rest. "It was as if he thought I might change my mind" Angelo said.


During one visit to Dr Thomas's office, the Doctor was listening to Angelos chest when the young receptionest walked in, apologising she was about to leave when the Doctor told her to "come over here", taking the the stethoscope he placed the bell end on Angelos chest and the ear pieces to her head and had her listen to a human heart, The young receptionists name was Stella Stewardson, later Vernon, a well known Campbelltown "old timer" and treasured member of the Campbelltown and Airds Historical Society.



From an interview with Angelo Turrin in September 2012 by JAWhite




Card Cabinet
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